Yossi Shiffmann

Yossi Schiffmann Journalist and Critic; Kol Israel, Opera magazine London, “Habama” 103FM and  South Radio weekly columns. Artistic Director: International Spring Festival Rishon-LeZion, Kfar Shamayahu Chamber Music Festival, Pastoral Music Weekends and many music projects; Artistic Consultant: Israel symphony Orchestra, Beit She’an Festival;  Red Sea Festival Lecturer and presenter: Israel Philharmonic and most other orchestras, Israeli Opera, international and local festivals, MaximVengerov Music Festiva, cinematheques and a variety of art courses, all over the country, Director General: America-Israel Cultural Foundation, Sharett Scholarship Programme, Bikurie Ha’Itim Centre, Musica Nova Consort and more. Writer and Editor for  Israel Oper, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and other orchestras, Tel Aviv and Rishon LeZion Performing Art Centers, various festivals, including the Israel Festival.


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