Mezzo Ensemble

Mezzo is an Israeli ensemble that was formed in 2008 by Doret Florentin and Assif Am-David after finishing their studies in Europe. Most of the ensemble members studied in Europe and specialized in performing early music. The ensemble’s programs are based on unique themes, and they spread over different eras and styles that go beyond what’s usually known in ancient music. Thus the ensemble gives more of an expression to the diverse musical abilities of its members, and it presents the audience with a richer sound.

The current program of the ensemble combines the uniqueness of the medieval music of Italy and France, folk renaissance dances and folk music from an unknown era.

There’ll be songs and dances from Greece and ancient Spain, as well as Italian medieval dances called “Istampitas”, songs from the “Libre vermel” 14th century collection and Florence songs from the 16th century.

Tedarim Project 26 בJanuary 2017 Dimitris Kountouras 5 בFebruary 2017