Dimitris Kountouras

Dimitris Kountouras – Recorder, Baroque Flute

A specialist of historical flutes and recorders from the Medieval era to the Baroque era.

He graduated  from  the Utrecht Conservatory and the Academies in Milan and Trossingen in ancient music studies, recorders and flutes; has a Ph.D in Musicology from the University of Athens.

He consistently collaborates with the camerata in Athens, and with the ensembles Labyrinth Myth and Duo Galiardi. He administers and performs with the ensemble Ex-Silentio across the world.

Additionally, he collaborated with orchestras like the Harmony of Nations Baroque Orchestra, United Europe Chamber Orchestra, the national orchestras of Milan and Thessaloniki. He recorded with Carpe Diem and Talanton.

Dimitris researches different interpretations of ancient music and the connection between music and text in the Renaissance and the Baroque.

He teaches in the Philippos Nakas Conservatory in Athens, University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, and more.

Mezzo Ensemble 5 בFebruary 2017 Elektra Miliadou 5 בFebruary 2017