Tedarim Project

Tedarim Project is the name of Ensemble Meitar’s major project as part of their work in the Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv. Since 2012, the Tedarim members go through a unique education program with much focus on current contemporary music.
The Tedarim Project consists of twenty young classically trained musicians, most of whom are students that play, compose and conduct.
The project is administered by Moshe Aharonov, a member of Ensemble Meitar: “Our goal is to nurture young musicians who share our love to modern music, and to providen them with tools and a stage to perform contemporary repertoire of composers from all across the world.
The educational program contains three tracks: Composition, performance and conducting. As part of the project, the young musicians study contemporary music for ensembles and chamber music ensembles; they rehearse and analyze them from theoretical and artistic perspectives. Members of the project are often invited to take part and perform in Ensemble Meitar’s concerts in the Contemporary Music Center in Tel Aviv, as part of their practical experience.

Ayelet Amotz Avramson 26 בJanuary 2017 Mezzo Ensemble 5 בFebruary 2017