Yermi Kaplan

With 6 solo albums in his repertoire, Yermi Kaplan is one of the most passionate musicians in Israeli rock. Born in Chicago, Kaplan started his music career during high school together with Rami Kleinstein. In early 90’s, he was a member in most-talented rock trio “Taarovet Eskot”. As a solo artist, Kaplan released great hits, one after another: “Modedet”, “Madua Lo Bat”, “Hadfuk Haze”, “Kvar Achshav”, “Hi Ha’ahat”, “Kama At Tzodeket”, “Patish”  and many more

But most of all, Kaplan known for his super-energetic live shows. He was described, not once, as “One of the most, if not the best, charismatic performers in Israel”. Kaplan’s gigs are emotional and rhythmical, like a roller coaster ride – he runs, jumps and raves while the crowd cannot stand still but joins the party. With deep personal texts, compelling music and a powerful sound, this is an unforgettable experience.

Annette Celine 19 בJanuary 2017 Swing de Gitanes 24 בJanuary 2017