Aramat Arnheim-Sharon

Aramat Arnheim-Sharon was born in 1982 her parents are both classical musicians. As a child she played and sang in various settings, from soloist in children’s opera to “Bat Kol” choir productions in Israel overseas. In high school she became interested in electronic music, and after the army decided to pursue her dream and began to study contemporary music, composing and producing in “Rimon” music college. During 3 years of music college she participated in the finals of the famous “Shirimon” competition. In the years following she released mini-album and wrote music to children show at the Akko Festival. She also recently finished writing and composing of an original musical called “micro elephants”. Over the last ten years she has performed in clubs across the country and in number of events in the United States.

One of her great passionns has become voice teaching. She recently completed certification as a “Vocologist” with the famous scientist Dr. Tittze and was appointed as Director of Education in “Vocology in Practice” organization in the US. Aramat’s private studio is in tel Aviv, there she teaches the best artists and professionals and trains teachers and voice clinicians.

Evergreen Band 12 בJanuary 2017 Yuval zorn 19 בJanuary 2017